13 reactions to a€?setting up a ClickOnce software regarding usersa€?

13 reactions to a€?setting up a ClickOnce software regarding usersa€?

I offered a chat in hill see during the Southern Bay .Net individual Group appointment on August 5th. This is a broad talk about ClickOnce Deployment and the ways to utilize it. Almost everyone from inside the place had been a Windows kinds or WPF creator, which seems rarer and rarer today as individuals migrate to online solutions. There have been lots of inquiries, and plenty of close discussion about things that men need altered in ClickOnce implementation.

Probably the most often asked for feature where appointment plus in the MSDN ClickOnce discussion board is always to put in a ClickOnce application for several users rather than a certain user.

This might be harder considering that the data were kept in the consumer’s visibility, where in actuality the individual provides read/write privileges. Among the many design targets of ClickOnce is render a deployment strategy enabling users to install programs without increased privileges. Setting up a software for every users requires rights.

Another layout goals was to secure the client equipment from issues brought on by computer software installations. Do you ever recall a€?dll hella€?? This was the problem that took place whenever another program came along and replaced a dll that you were dependent on, and brought about problems for your application, or vice versa.

In a ClickOnce implementation, you’ll be able to add a good many dll’s in your area aided by the deployment, as opposed to installing them inside the GAC or perhaps the screens program index. (this is exactly excluding, of course, the .NET Framework also prerequisite applications particularly SQLServer present.) You can deploy the SQL lightweight Edition dll’s or DirectX dll’s. This allows that keep tight variation control throughout the dll’s you use in your implementation. Microsoft will have to determine a method to manage this in the event that program had been implemented for all people; as long as they were not mindful, you could potentially effortlessly end up in dll hell once more.

Alternatively, as long as they merely decided to place the files beneath the each Users profile, yet again you’ve got the permissions complications that Microsoft desired to control with ClickOnce implementation, as the consumer can not create to the people files without higher rights. In addition, If Microsoft retained the deployed documents inside the a€?All Usersa€? folder, they’d must figure out what to complete if UserA is logged on with the program, and UserB logged on so there was an update readily available. Do you kick-off UserA? Can you leave the modify because UserA is already run the application? Something UserA usually will leave his profile signed on? How will you actually ever do an update?

This consult has been handed down to Microsoft, but I haven’t observed any intends to include a big change to the in .NET 4.0, thus I won’t count on any quick success. Undertaking an all-users apply was counter into style purpose of ClickOnce implementation, thus I consider it’s going to be something everybody has to reside with, about for now. Making use of XCopy or a setup & implementation package and running your very own incremental modify methods is the path to take if you positively have to have an All Users installation.


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