He does not have any gender that frequently as the he’s a small knob

He does not have any gender that frequently as the he’s a small knob

The guy hangs out which have discreet, rich some one. Grow a mind. homosexual somebody learned regarding a young age to keep their lips shut so there organization to help you by themselves. I always envision he turned into Hamels companion given that Hamel are blackmailing him. Video footage most likely.

They are a highly sincere individual, snacks someone nice, and that’s an effective tipper. Nobody possess one thing crappy to state from the him because he does not provide them with some thing bad to state. He could be most reasonable, tales regarding exactly how he talented more 31 Harleys in order to stunt crew towards the Matrix. He would just take pay cuts so big labels will likely be hired like Al Pacino from the Devil’s Advocate and you will Gene Hackman inside you to definitely activities film.

a great reddit poster « A family group buddy creates flick establishes, does not structure, is one of the terrible men that just stimulates. In any event, the guy handled the newest set for the latest Matrix and you can Keanu read from the members of the family trouble he had been with and you will offered him a great $20,000 Christmas time added bonus to assist your aside. The guy plus is actually one of several only somebody on lay you to truly planned to learn individuals brands, would say hello and suggest they, and create correspond with some one as they had been his peers and not below your because they were very nearly and work out absolutely nothing to generate a set. I have never ever heard some body state Keanu try douche, looks like new best person in Hollywood out-of a pre-owned feel. »

R134 which is pleasant

Yeah, I understand he was best under the bed once they were banging. And right in the fresh new doctor’s place of work when they got their joint circumcisions.

I must say, it looks unlikely one to a xxx man perform willingly rating himself circumsized. Even although you don’t like the anteater browse, there’s always a threat–but not brief–you to definitely things might have to go completely wrong. Contemplate you to definitely worst boy during the Canada, who fundamentally killed himself.

Dad are circumsized as he went for the solution. (It was a lifetime in the past.) And that i do know for sure you to lovable younger Irish boy that has the fresh new operation when he try sixteen, since the guy believed unusual as being the simply uncut guy around.

However, who on earth would do one to? After the slashed, you might be meant to n’t have an erection to own six weeks. Such as for example, What? Just how?

113 feedback and many years afterwards so we continue to have no strong facts towards his intimate preference? Get with it DL.

He dabbled having people until the guy banged myself and then we got installed out on H. He has come upright actually ever ssince, son.

Keanu « are a riddle, wrapped in a secret, to the an enthusiastic enigma; however, can there be an option. or rather a KEANU! »

We have read upright males say they had « wade homosexual » having Keanu

This new reports regarding your are extremely coming in contact with. We have constantly think he had been beautiful and that i ponder now if possibly some thing away from his sweet is mirrored within his face and you may is part of his appeal.

One to effect for the reason that twitter bond is actually a person who claims their meth specialist fulfilled Keanu and you may got highest which have your. We maintain that blind goods throughout the K stinking upwards their truck so bad it needed a complete remodel try Keanu (and family) puffing meth in it.

Maybe not upright and most certainly not humdrum. You could repeat that over as well as over once again but it is definitely not genuine.

In the event that Canada offered out knighthoods he’d get one. A lot of nice tales in the your of most people. I do not think it’s an operate while the we understand https://datingranking.net/polyamorous-dating/ he or she is maybe not a beneficial star. I don’t care in the event that he was an effective druggie otherwise a slut, appears like a sweet, truly chill superstar that is uncommon. Together with his seems and you can desire, I would personally become a whore also. He without a doubt didn’t fuck Bret Easton Ellis, though, I really don’t envision Keanu are into the pretentious twats. The degree of self-loathing expected to bed Bret. ewwww